Our Story

About Me: That's me, G. Wade. Most people just call me G and that photo was taken back when "I used to be cool". That's how I used refer to myself when talking about my time in Special Forces or doing contract work for the government. Those days were a big part of my life; the work, the people, the fulfillment of it all. I let it define me for a long time. It's a big part of who am I am, but I no longer can say it defines who I am.

Transitioning from that world to the role I'm in today with work and family life was a huge obstacle for me and it's something I still work on to this day. I miss it in a lot of ways, and in a lot of ways I don't. Once I moved on from those roles, I was constantly comparing whatever I was doing to that time in my life. Nothing will compare. I didn't understand how to appreciate that then, but I understand it more now.

I can't really complain about my life or the role I transitioned to, but I don't know if this made it any easier or just further complicated things in my mind. Regardless, I fell into a place where I was very much a lost soul trying to find his place in the "real world". I had stability, my family, friends, and I was doing all of the things I thought I needed to be doing, but I still was missing something and I didn't know what that was. Throw in friends dying as they continued in combat, some succumbing to their demons, I started to grow concerned for my own mental health and turned to psychology for answers.

I began pursuing a masters degree in psychology but ended up stopping my studies because it wasn't the areas I had an interest in and really didn't care about obtaining a masters degree. I continued my own studying focusing on human performance, neuroscience and cognitive behavior. This lead me to work on myself in ways I had previously neglected. Physical and mental strength were nothing new to me, but the spiritual side and how all three sides of the triangle tied together was a whole new arena.

The Wayfarer Syndicate: In late 2017, I started an Instagram page called Wayfarer Syndicate where I would post images of outdoor landscapes with quotes from different things I was reading. I did this mostly for myself as outlet and way of holding myself accountable. I did this daily almost, and would write almost a mini blog in the caption about my thoughts on different topics, mostly mindset and psychology based themes. Turns out, I wasn't the only one who was feeling the way I felt. People I'd never met would comment or send messages about how they related. It was an eye opening experience and something I appreciated.

Almost two years later, I started to slow down and get into other things and ended up turning my attention my personal Instagram page where I focused on my strength training and competitions. I eventually got sucked into the social media trap and that lost feeling again. I had become friends with different people and a few had small brands where they made apparel. I always thought this was cool and supported what they were doing. I enjoy business and the creative aspect of designing shirts and gear was intriguing.

Wayfarer 2020: In early 2020, I downloaded a drawing app and started doodling on my phone with no real direction. I eventually had conversations with a few people which lead to me trying the apparel brand thing out for myself. I played with different ideas for what I'd call it and what I wanted it to be about and came back to the Wayfarer Syndicate. It felt right and seemed like a combination of both something I needed in my own life, and a way to build a community to support other who may be in a similar place looking to grow. I changed up the logo and started making designs for shirts, making posts with a positive message.

People were encouraging and showed support for the idea and continue to do so. Now I have a creative outlet and a little passion project which I provides that fulfilment I was looking for. I get to interact with people and work on spreading some positive propaganda on social media. Hopefully it resonates with people and continues to grow.

Where do I see this all going? I don't know, I want to set out in a general direction and kinda let it evolve into its own thing. If I had to define what that direction is, it's a brand for people who want explore all that life has to offer and grow into who they are meant to be. I love adventure, so maybe like a small version of adventure lifestyle brand with dose of exploring the yourself as much as you explore what the world has to offer.

Disrupt Complacency

- G. Wade