About Us

Who are we: We are all complex and have our own individuality, but one thing all Wayfarers share in common is a desire for growth. This one shared commonality can connect us in so many ways. Whether it’s through ideas, adventures, learning, training, or whatever avenue we pursue on the journey of growth, we can find that there are many like us who are on their way to a similar destination. We might not all be at the same point on our paths, or even on the same type of path, but we are all Wayfarers navigating or way through life.

What we stand for: We strive to get out of our comfort zones and grow, disrupt complacency. In doing so, we can accomplish our goals to enjoy freedom, seek fulfillment, take risks and experience as much as we can in life.

What drives us: The undying desire for exploration and adventure. This isn’t exclusive to physical locations, but also the mind and growth in the three pillars: physical, mental, and spiritual (not religion, just a belief in something greater than us).

We’re driven to answer the call to see what’s out there. Discover new things, ideas, people, and places. We exist to help others do this as well. We want to inspire people to become free thinkers, learn about themselves, obtain fulfillment, find ways to express themselves, find their freedom and own their individuality. There is so much to life and out there in the world, discover as much as you can.